Nakia (Chapter 9)

Chapter 9

Feeling slightly confused by the innkeeper’s treatment, Nakia handed him four gold coins for the rooms and turned around. Still lost in her own thoughts, Nakia was looking down at the ground as she ran directly Haroun. Bewildered and confused, Nakia looked up at him and said, “Haroun! What are you doing here?!” “I couldn’t wait for you to get back to me, my love. I had to see you! I had to properly propose to you!” And with those words, Haroun got down on one knee, pulled out a black box, opened it, looked up at Nakia and said, “My dearest sweet angel, will make me the happiest man alive and be my bride?”

Nakia looked down at what was in the ring box in Haroun’s hands and started to say, “Of course Haroun, I want nothing more than… OH! Haroun that is too much! It’s too perfect!” “Then if it’s so perfect, say yes, my love. Be my bride and the mother of my children, you will never want or need for anything ever again.” “Oh Haroun, yes, yes a thousand times yes! I WILL marry you!”

With tears in her eyes, Nakia smiled down at Haroun as he gently slipped the exquisite ring on her finger. He stood up and pulled her into his embrace in an impassioned kiss as the entire inn erupted around them in cheers and applause and whoops. Nakia and Haroun separated and smiled at each other as the crowd continued to come up to them and congratulate them. After things settled down, Nakia looked at Haroun and said, “I told you I could handle this journey by myself, Haroun, I thought you were going to wait for my return to ask for my hand in marriage properly.”

“I was my love, but the thought of being away from you for one more day tore at me to no end. I couldn’t help it; I need to know that you are mine, safe and sound and that no other man has even an inkling of a chance of stealing you away from me. No matter how unlikely that may seem to you, to me it is a very real possibility. You are far more beautiful than you realize and I know I am not the only man vying for your attention. So far be it from me to underestimate another’s intentions with you. I know you are a strong and capable woman, I don’t doubt that. But I also made you a promise and I wanted to ensure that I honored it as soon as possible.”

“Oh no one could ever steal me from you; I only wish to be yours. But I understand your concern for my safety. Haroun, I thank you for standing by me when no one else would. After my parents died, I thought I would never find happiness again. But you took me under your wing when we both were only students, and then continued to help me grow as my teacher and tutor. Now that I am a young woman, you wish to continue to stand by my side and protect me from the evils of this world as my husband. I feel honored knowing that you will be there for me through good times and bad, through thick and thin, through triumph and defeat. I will do my best to bring honor to your family name and all that we build together. I love you Haroun and am quite possibly the happiest woman in the world right now. However, it is late, and we do need rest for tomorrow’s journey, perhaps you should get a room as well so that we can all get some sleep tonight?”

Haroun smiled down at Nakia, “My love, I am already honored by you and all that you do. You show respect and wisdom in your words and your ways far beyond your years. For half of my students and the women I know to share such compassion and insight would truly make for a great environment. But alas, that will not happen. So I place my hopes in you and your abilities. That you will help to guide the others in our academy as well as future generations as they continue to spill into the place that we will call home. You are beautiful, intelligent, caring and passionate about that which matters most to you. That is why I desire to make you my wife and one day, the mother of my children. But yes, I do agree with you that we should get some rest, however, I won’t be getting a room here, for I already have one. Now, which room are you staying in?”



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