Happy New Year!

With a new year brings new possibilities and new hopes. I have some goals for the coming year, I also have some fantasies and relationship desires I want to see fulfilled. I’ve also come to understand and realize a truth about myself. I am Bisexual I am Poly and I’m a switch! I’m happy and okay with this! I have been denying this end of myself because society and the world says it’s wrong, well no more. I need to be happy too and if that means the rest of the world won’t accept me for who I am, then so be it! Haters gonna hate! Peace out to them!

I hope Daddy and I can find our third, whomever she may be, and that we can finally be a happy triad. I also have some sexual fantasies that are yet untapped and unless I’m given a hall pass, may never come to fruition or reality. I’m okay with just settling for finding our other partner for now, after all I’m sure there is plenty she and I can do to experiment together as well as with Daddy and individually with him.

For now, happy and healthy are my goals. I’m getting there day by day and learning to appreciate what I have in the here and now instead of worrying about what isn’t or what is yet to be. Maybe I can find myself in some of these positions in the ‘cumming’ year! šŸ˜‰


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