Happy New Year!

With a new year brings new possibilities and new hopes. I have some goals for the coming year, I also have some fantasies and relationship desires I want to see fulfilled. I’ve also come to understand and realize a truth about myself. I am Bisexual I am Poly and I’m a switch! I’m happy and okay with this! I have been denying this end of myself because society and the world says it’s wrong, well no more. I need to be happy too and if that means the rest of the world won’t accept me for who I am, then so be it! Haters gonna hate! Peace out to them!

I hope Daddy and I can find our third, whomever she may be, and that we can finally be a happy triad. I also have some sexual fantasies that are yet untapped and unless I’m given a hall pass, may never come to fruition or reality. I’m okay with just settling for finding our other partner for now, after all I’m sure there is plenty she and I can do to experiment together as well as with Daddy and individually with him.

For now, happy and healthy are my goals. I’m getting there day by day and learning to appreciate what I have in the here and now instead of worrying about what isn’t or what is yet to be. Maybe I can find myself in some of these positions in the ‘cumming’ year! 😉



Wow…Three years on WordPress…it doesn’t seem that long. I’ve enjoyed reading and writing with all of you! Thank you for sharing with me! Stay kinky my fellow bloggers! Xox xox :-* :-* xox xoX

What I’m Thankful For

As I look back on the past year, l realize I am more blessed than I deserve. I know I am loved and I feel truly grateful for all I have. I am truly happy for the first time in a long time. I’ve always known I was loved by family and friends, but to have something as simple as a home of our own again is huge.

Knowing that Daddy will be there waiting, that means the world to me. I walk through the door and my guard immediately drops. I know I’m home, and more importantly, I’m SAFE. One thing that is forever constant in my mind, whether he is around me or not is that I am HIS and HIS alone.

We have grown and changed together so much in the past year that it is still all new to me and unbelievable how far we’ve come together. Me as a Little/Submissive and him as my Daddy/Dom.

We’ve been together for over 17 years, and vanilla for most of it, but these last few years have been a journey unto their own. Learning so much about each other and how our relationship and marriage has changed for the better. For this, I am most grateful of all. I know that good or bad, hard or easy he will always be by my side and will always be my lover, my protector, my guide and my Daddy Dom.


Nakia (Chapter 9)

Chapter 9

Feeling slightly confused by the innkeeper’s treatment, Nakia handed him four gold coins for the rooms and turned around. Still lost in her own thoughts, Nakia was looking down at the ground as she ran directly Haroun. Bewildered and confused, Nakia looked up at him and said, “Haroun! What are you doing here?!” “I couldn’t wait for you to get back to me, my love. I had to see you! I had to properly propose to you!” And with those words, Haroun got down on one knee, pulled out a black box, opened it, looked up at Nakia and said, “My dearest sweet angel, will make me the happiest man alive and be my bride?”

Nakia looked down at what was in the ring box in Haroun’s hands and started to say, “Of course Haroun, I want nothing more than… OH! Haroun that is too much! It’s too perfect!” “Then if it’s so perfect, say yes, my love. Be my bride and the mother of my children, you will never want or need for anything ever again.” “Oh Haroun, yes, yes a thousand times yes! I WILL marry you!”

With tears in her eyes, Nakia smiled down at Haroun as he gently slipped the exquisite ring on her finger. He stood up and pulled her into his embrace in an impassioned kiss as the entire inn erupted around them in cheers and applause and whoops. Nakia and Haroun separated and smiled at each other as the crowd continued to come up to them and congratulate them. After things settled down, Nakia looked at Haroun and said, “I told you I could handle this journey by myself, Haroun, I thought you were going to wait for my return to ask for my hand in marriage properly.”

“I was my love, but the thought of being away from you for one more day tore at me to no end. I couldn’t help it; I need to know that you are mine, safe and sound and that no other man has even an inkling of a chance of stealing you away from me. No matter how unlikely that may seem to you, to me it is a very real possibility. You are far more beautiful than you realize and I know I am not the only man vying for your attention. So far be it from me to underestimate another’s intentions with you. I know you are a strong and capable woman, I don’t doubt that. But I also made you a promise and I wanted to ensure that I honored it as soon as possible.”

“Oh no one could ever steal me from you; I only wish to be yours. But I understand your concern for my safety. Haroun, I thank you for standing by me when no one else would. After my parents died, I thought I would never find happiness again. But you took me under your wing when we both were only students, and then continued to help me grow as my teacher and tutor. Now that I am a young woman, you wish to continue to stand by my side and protect me from the evils of this world as my husband. I feel honored knowing that you will be there for me through good times and bad, through thick and thin, through triumph and defeat. I will do my best to bring honor to your family name and all that we build together. I love you Haroun and am quite possibly the happiest woman in the world right now. However, it is late, and we do need rest for tomorrow’s journey, perhaps you should get a room as well so that we can all get some sleep tonight?”

Haroun smiled down at Nakia, “My love, I am already honored by you and all that you do. You show respect and wisdom in your words and your ways far beyond your years. For half of my students and the women I know to share such compassion and insight would truly make for a great environment. But alas, that will not happen. So I place my hopes in you and your abilities. That you will help to guide the others in our academy as well as future generations as they continue to spill into the place that we will call home. You are beautiful, intelligent, caring and passionate about that which matters most to you. That is why I desire to make you my wife and one day, the mother of my children. But yes, I do agree with you that we should get some rest, however, I won’t be getting a room here, for I already have one. Now, which room are you staying in?”



Nakia (Chapter 8)

Chapter 8

Within no time, the carriage driver was waking her up, “We’re at the next town Miss Nakia, but I don’t think these people want us around here, they sure don’t look too friendly.” “Well, we will just have to see about that.” With that in mind, Nakia walked up to the gate, and said, “Hello, I and my driver would like a room for the night and a place to stable our horses if it’s not too much trouble.” “What is your name and the nature of your business, Miss?” the guard asked looking down at her as if she was a small child. “My name is Nakia and I from the City of Agra and we are just needing to stop for the night, we are on our way to Qurac to retrieve some items for the Sultan.”

“Very good, and your name Sir?” “Yes I am Rahman, I am the carriage driver for this young lady, she is my charge and it is my sworn duty to the Royal Vizier to ensure that she returns safely to him.” “The Royal Vizier huh? You mean Haroun?” “Yes Sir, she is newly engaged to him. They are to be wed upon her return.”

“Oh! Oh! Well in that case, please Miss Nakia, come in! Our apologies!” With those words, the doors swung open and Nakia and Rahman were escorted safely inside. “Thank you kind Sir’s, but there is no need to make a fuss over me. However, if you could direct us to the nearest Inn it would be greatly appreciated; after all we have had a long journey and are in need of food, drink and rest. Our horses will also need tended to in the stables.” “Of course! The Inn is straight ahead on your left, it is the third door down from here, and the stables are connected to it. Just tell the innkeeper you need to stable your horses and he will help you get everything squared away! Have a pleasant night and stay as long as you like!” “Thank you very much.”

With that, Nakia and Rahman headed off to the Inn to get themselves settled in for the night. Nakia thought the guards’ behavior strange, but chose to shake it off as coincidence. Surely it was just because of how polite they both were and the mention of Haroun’s name that got them such a welcome. Suddenly, Nakia found herself rousted out of her thoughts as she realized Rahman was gently shaking her shoulder and telling her they were at the Inn.

Nakia looked up and realized that this inn was far out of their price range. There was no way they could afford such a place! But Nakia resigned herself to the thought that maybe the semi-privates or common rooms weren’t as expensive. Sighing in exhaustion, Nakia headed inside to the front desk, hoping at least for a good meal and a chance to relax before they headed out tomorrow.

As Nakia started to head over to the innkeeper, she realized that she had several sets of eyes on her again. Feeling slightly nervous and ill at ease, Nakia suddenly puffed up her chest and stood a little taller to try to look more intimidating. But all it served to do is make her look more comical in her efforts. Nakia sighed at this realization and just proceeded to head to speak with the innkeeper without trying to draw too much unwanted attention, albeit her efforts were in vain.

The innkeeper, without looking up from his bookkeeping parchment, said, “Can I help you miss?” Nakia looked up and said, “Yes, I need two rooms please. One for me and one for my driver, semi-private are fine for both.” “Okay miss that will be … OH! MY! I’m SO sorry Miss Vizier! I didn’t know it was you Milady! I’ll get you two rooms right away!” “But, I’m not the Vizier… I’m only…” the innkeeper abruptly cut her off, “No Miss, no trouble, no trouble at all!” And with those last words, the innkeeper handed her two room keys to the finest rooms in the inn.



Nakia (Chapter 7)

Chapter 7

As Nakia sat back down inside her carriage and closed the door, she realized she had never felt such strength before. It thrilled and terrified her all at the same time. Was this from the kiss she had shared with Haroun earlier? Or was this something within herself? She had to find out more about her newfound abilities. As she closed her eyes and began to focus again, she concentrated on levitating herself inside the carriage, just a little bit off of the seat. She felt a sudden rush of energy and then everything around her went silent. She opened her eyes and much to her disappointment, she wasn’t floating at all.

She harrumphed her disappointment and then heard the driver say, “Umm, Miss Nakia??? Could you, maybe, put us back down on the ground please? The horses are starting to get really skittish floating through the air like this!” Nakia looked out of her carriage window and could not believe her eyes! She hadn’t made herself levitate because she had levitated the entire carriage, herself, horses, driver and all! Suddenly she began to lose focus and the carriage came down with a hard thump! One of the horses cried out in pain/surprise and fell over.

“Miss Nakia, I think Charger has been hurt! Please oh please come help me get him up off the ground!” Nakia came out of the carriage over to the front where the horse was laying on the ground and gingerly bent over him. She placed both of her hands on him and gently began to check his legs, ensuring that none of them were broken. After she was done checking him, she looked at the old man and said, “Charger hasn’t broken a leg, not even a sprain; I do believe he just got spooked and hurt himself a little. Let’s try to calm him and get him back up on his feet. Do you have any of his favorite treats with you?” “I most certainly do Miss! Here you go, five sugar cubes!” Beaming, the driver handed her the sweet treat and stepped back to watch her work.

Nakia took the handful of sugar cubes and placed one of them under the horse’s nose and let him get a good sniff, soon he was rooting in her hand for the sweet treat with his muzzle. “Ah ah ah, not until you sit up for me.” With that, the horse sat up and looked at her, awaiting his treat, “Good boy, Charger, here you go.” She handed him two of the sugar cubes which he instantly slurped down and chomped to smithereens. “Now I’ve got some more for you, if you’ll stand up for us, Charger.” The horse instantly stood, nuzzling her hand and arm expectantly.

Giggling, Nakia gave him the last three sugar cubes. Charger started nuzzling and kissing her face afterward. Quietly, Nakia whispered something to the horse that only she and it could hear. Then she turned to the driver and said, “Well, we should be alright now, we really should get going again though, it will be dark soon and I would at least like to be to the next town before it gets dark.” “Of course Miss. We will be on our way as soon as we get you back into the carriage.” With that, Nakia climbed back into the carriage and let the soft swaying motion of the carriage gently rock her to sleep.



Nakia (Chapter 6)

Chapter 6

As Nakia rode along in the carriage, her mind wandered to Haroun and his question, she couldn’t believe that she would be marrying the man she had always fantasized about for years now. She was truly the luckiest girl in the world. Haroun wanted her, and only her. Her heart soared as she relived the kiss they shared earlier. By the gods that man knew how to kiss! This would truly be a match made in the Heavens!

Suddenly she was rousted from her dream as she heard the driver obviously struggling with someone about something. “Please, I have nothing of value, nothing at all….I am but an old man, all I have is this carriage, and it is my livelihood. Please, whatever I have in my coin purse is yours, just please leave my carriage intact.” “We aren’t interested in your carriage or your coin purse old man, merely the contents within your carriage! Surely there is something of value inside there! Perhaps a chest of jewels, or some fine silks, judging by the emblem on the side of this door, you are part of the court of the Royal Vizier, chief advisor to the Sultan himself! Come off it old man! You have to have something of value in this relic!”

Listening to the exchange between the driver and the other individuals, Nakia could only presume that these men were bandits intent on harming this old man, or her or both! Nakia closed her eyes and started the focusing mantra Haroun had taught her back when she first became his student. As she concentrated and focused the energy inside the carriage became stronger with each passing moment, until finally the bandits outside could no longer help their curiosity. Opening the door, they were both blasted back into several nearby trees which consequently grabbed the men and held them in place as Nakia slowly emerged from the carriage her eyes were glowing red, she looked up at the two men and they both instantly started screaming as if they had seen a demon.

Suddenly, the trees dropped the men to the ground, Nakia lifted her arm and both men levitated in the air. Speaking in a voice that she did not recognize as her own, Nakia told them “You will return to your village and learn to an honest trade, if I ever find you two in these woods terrorizing anyone again, I will not hesitate to kill you both! Is that understood?” Both men nodded their heads to the best of their ability and said, “Yes Madam Vizier, we did not realize you were traveling in the carriage Ma’am we are so sorry. Please allow us to crawl away with our lives! We will never bother one of your carriages again!”

Nakia slowly lowered both of the men to the ground and then muttered a small incantation and turned to leave, as she headed back inside the carriage she told them, “You two have managed to escape with your lives, THIS time. However, if you EVER do this to another living soul, whether I’m present or not, you WILL DIE! I have put a temporary immobility spell on you, neither one of you will be able to move for the next two hours, and when you do regain the ability to move, you will have forgotten this entire encounter and where we headed off to from here. However, the one thing you will never forget is your promise to never harm another living soul with your thieving murderous ways!”