Nakia (Chapter 8)

Chapter 8

Within no time, the carriage driver was waking her up, “We’re at the next town Miss Nakia, but I don’t think these people want us around here, they sure don’t look too friendly.” “Well, we will just have to see about that.” With that in mind, Nakia walked up to the gate, and said, “Hello, I and my driver would like a room for the night and a place to stable our horses if it’s not too much trouble.” “What is your name and the nature of your business, Miss?” the guard asked looking down at her as if she was a small child. “My name is Nakia and I from the City of Agra and we are just needing to stop for the night, we are on our way to Qurac to retrieve some items for the Sultan.”

“Very good, and your name Sir?” “Yes I am Rahman, I am the carriage driver for this young lady, she is my charge and it is my sworn duty to the Royal Vizier to ensure that she returns safely to him.” “The Royal Vizier huh? You mean Haroun?” “Yes Sir, she is newly engaged to him. They are to be wed upon her return.”

“Oh! Oh! Well in that case, please Miss Nakia, come in! Our apologies!” With those words, the doors swung open and Nakia and Rahman were escorted safely inside. “Thank you kind Sir’s, but there is no need to make a fuss over me. However, if you could direct us to the nearest Inn it would be greatly appreciated; after all we have had a long journey and are in need of food, drink and rest. Our horses will also need tended to in the stables.” “Of course! The Inn is straight ahead on your left, it is the third door down from here, and the stables are connected to it. Just tell the innkeeper you need to stable your horses and he will help you get everything squared away! Have a pleasant night and stay as long as you like!” “Thank you very much.”

With that, Nakia and Rahman headed off to the Inn to get themselves settled in for the night. Nakia thought the guards’ behavior strange, but chose to shake it off as coincidence. Surely it was just because of how polite they both were and the mention of Haroun’s name that got them such a welcome. Suddenly, Nakia found herself rousted out of her thoughts as she realized Rahman was gently shaking her shoulder and telling her they were at the Inn.

Nakia looked up and realized that this inn was far out of their price range. There was no way they could afford such a place! But Nakia resigned herself to the thought that maybe the semi-privates or common rooms weren’t as expensive. Sighing in exhaustion, Nakia headed inside to the front desk, hoping at least for a good meal and a chance to relax before they headed out tomorrow.

As Nakia started to head over to the innkeeper, she realized that she had several sets of eyes on her again. Feeling slightly nervous and ill at ease, Nakia suddenly puffed up her chest and stood a little taller to try to look more intimidating. But all it served to do is make her look more comical in her efforts. Nakia sighed at this realization and just proceeded to head to speak with the innkeeper without trying to draw too much unwanted attention, albeit her efforts were in vain.

The innkeeper, without looking up from his bookkeeping parchment, said, “Can I help you miss?” Nakia looked up and said, “Yes, I need two rooms please. One for me and one for my driver, semi-private are fine for both.” “Okay miss that will be … OH! MY! I’m SO sorry Miss Vizier! I didn’t know it was you Milady! I’ll get you two rooms right away!” “But, I’m not the Vizier… I’m only…” the innkeeper abruptly cut her off, “No Miss, no trouble, no trouble at all!” And with those last words, the innkeeper handed her two room keys to the finest rooms in the inn.



Nakia (Chapter 7)

Chapter 7

As Nakia sat back down inside her carriage and closed the door, she realized she had never felt such strength before. It thrilled and terrified her all at the same time. Was this from the kiss she had shared with Haroun earlier? Or was this something within herself? She had to find out more about her newfound abilities. As she closed her eyes and began to focus again, she concentrated on levitating herself inside the carriage, just a little bit off of the seat. She felt a sudden rush of energy and then everything around her went silent. She opened her eyes and much to her disappointment, she wasn’t floating at all.

She harrumphed her disappointment and then heard the driver say, “Umm, Miss Nakia??? Could you, maybe, put us back down on the ground please? The horses are starting to get really skittish floating through the air like this!” Nakia looked out of her carriage window and could not believe her eyes! She hadn’t made herself levitate because she had levitated the entire carriage, herself, horses, driver and all! Suddenly she began to lose focus and the carriage came down with a hard thump! One of the horses cried out in pain/surprise and fell over.

“Miss Nakia, I think Charger has been hurt! Please oh please come help me get him up off the ground!” Nakia came out of the carriage over to the front where the horse was laying on the ground and gingerly bent over him. She placed both of her hands on him and gently began to check his legs, ensuring that none of them were broken. After she was done checking him, she looked at the old man and said, “Charger hasn’t broken a leg, not even a sprain; I do believe he just got spooked and hurt himself a little. Let’s try to calm him and get him back up on his feet. Do you have any of his favorite treats with you?” “I most certainly do Miss! Here you go, five sugar cubes!” Beaming, the driver handed her the sweet treat and stepped back to watch her work.

Nakia took the handful of sugar cubes and placed one of them under the horse’s nose and let him get a good sniff, soon he was rooting in her hand for the sweet treat with his muzzle. “Ah ah ah, not until you sit up for me.” With that, the horse sat up and looked at her, awaiting his treat, “Good boy, Charger, here you go.” She handed him two of the sugar cubes which he instantly slurped down and chomped to smithereens. “Now I’ve got some more for you, if you’ll stand up for us, Charger.” The horse instantly stood, nuzzling her hand and arm expectantly.

Giggling, Nakia gave him the last three sugar cubes. Charger started nuzzling and kissing her face afterward. Quietly, Nakia whispered something to the horse that only she and it could hear. Then she turned to the driver and said, “Well, we should be alright now, we really should get going again though, it will be dark soon and I would at least like to be to the next town before it gets dark.” “Of course Miss. We will be on our way as soon as we get you back into the carriage.” With that, Nakia climbed back into the carriage and let the soft swaying motion of the carriage gently rock her to sleep.


Nakia (Chapter 6)

Chapter 6

As Nakia rode along in the carriage, her mind wandered to Haroun and his question, she couldn’t believe that she would be marrying the man she had always fantasized about for years now. She was truly the luckiest girl in the world. Haroun wanted her, and only her. Her heart soared as she relived the kiss they shared earlier. By the gods that man knew how to kiss! This would truly be a match made in the Heavens!

Suddenly she was rousted from her dream as she heard the driver obviously struggling with someone about something. “Please, I have nothing of value, nothing at all….I am but an old man, all I have is this carriage, and it is my livelihood. Please, whatever I have in my coin purse is yours, just please leave my carriage intact.” “We aren’t interested in your carriage or your coin purse old man, merely the contents within your carriage! Surely there is something of value inside there! Perhaps a chest of jewels, or some fine silks, judging by the emblem on the side of this door, you are part of the court of the Royal Vizier, chief advisor to the Sultan himself! Come off it old man! You have to have something of value in this relic!”

Listening to the exchange between the driver and the other individuals, Nakia could only presume that these men were bandits intent on harming this old man, or her or both! Nakia closed her eyes and started the focusing mantra Haroun had taught her back when she first became his student. As she concentrated and focused the energy inside the carriage became stronger with each passing moment, until finally the bandits outside could no longer help their curiosity. Opening the door, they were both blasted back into several nearby trees which consequently grabbed the men and held them in place as Nakia slowly emerged from the carriage her eyes were glowing red, she looked up at the two men and they both instantly started screaming as if they had seen a demon.

Suddenly, the trees dropped the men to the ground, Nakia lifted her arm and both men levitated in the air. Speaking in a voice that she did not recognize as her own, Nakia told them “You will return to your village and learn to an honest trade, if I ever find you two in these woods terrorizing anyone again, I will not hesitate to kill you both! Is that understood?” Both men nodded their heads to the best of their ability and said, “Yes Madam Vizier, we did not realize you were traveling in the carriage Ma’am we are so sorry. Please allow us to crawl away with our lives! We will never bother one of your carriages again!”

Nakia slowly lowered both of the men to the ground and then muttered a small incantation and turned to leave, as she headed back inside the carriage she told them, “You two have managed to escape with your lives, THIS time. However, if you EVER do this to another living soul, whether I’m present or not, you WILL DIE! I have put a temporary immobility spell on you, neither one of you will be able to move for the next two hours, and when you do regain the ability to move, you will have forgotten this entire encounter and where we headed off to from here. However, the one thing you will never forget is your promise to never harm another living soul with your thieving murderous ways!”


Nakia (Chapter 5)

Chapter 5

When Haroun got there, he grabbed his items he intended to sell/trade and his coin pouch off the saddle bags and headed inside. “Hello? Is anyone available to do business today?” About a moment later a young portly man rounded the corner of the back wall, “Hello how can I help you today Vizier?” “Are you in need of some special jewels for a spell component for the Sultan; or perhaps, a fine gold binding for your newest spell book? No? Neither one? Well then what are you in need of today?”

“I need an engagement ring for a beautiful young lady, the absolute finest ring you have! Price be damned!” “Oh ho ho!” Exclaimed the jeweler, “This is a special occasion indeed! Well, let me show you our collection of rings, Sir.” With that, the jeweler hurried to the back again and brought out several trays of fine rings. As Haroun looked through the last tray, he asked, “Do you have anything more unique or exquisite? I want this ring to really stand out, she is a one of a kind girl and not just any ring will do for her.” Haroun grinned as he said the last sentence.

The jeweler looked at him, thought for a moment and then said, “I’ll be right back Sir.” With that he disappeared into the back and was gone for several moments looking for something, Haroun heard him wrestling around and shouts of several colorful phrases and a few foul words followed shortly by an “Ah-ha! There it is!”

A moment later, the jeweler returned from the back room with a glass case wrapped in the finest silk and black velvet. This box only contained about five rings, one of which, really stood out to Haroun. Looking at it, his eyes gleamed. ‘That’s it he thought, that’s the ring I’m going to get my new love!’

As the jeweler carefully set the case down in front of him, Haroun asked, “How much for that one?” Pointing to the ring in the center as he spoke. “That one? That one is 2325 Dinar.” Haroun frowned at the price. “However, I can lower the price to 2000 Dinar for you, seeing as how you are the Sultan’s Vizier and all.” “Okay, How much for the ring to the right of it?” “1500 Dinar, I’ll even lower it to 1000 Dinar if you buy both, Sir.”

Haroun considered for a moment, “Pull those two out and set them aside for me please, do you have any bracelets or necklaces to match those pieces?” “Oh yes Sir! Yes we do! The finest pieces in the city too!” With those words, the jeweler pulled out a tray of necklaces and a tray of bracelets. Haroun picked out four different bracelets and two different necklaces.

“Now what is my total, good sir?” The jeweler quickly totaled everything up and stammered out, “15…15000 Dinar, Sir, but I can lower it to 10000 if you buy all of the pieces today outright!” “No that won’t be necessary, I won’t cheat you Sir, you’ve been more than fair with me and you should get what those pieces are truly worth. 15000 Dinar it is.” Haroun said as he checked each diamond on the glass in front of him, ensuring they were real. Smiling with satisfaction, he asked the man to box up his purchases in separate boxes and he would be on his way. Hurriedly the man took the other jewelry away and brought out eight boxes and put each piece in its own box in front of Haroun.

Haroun paid the man in full and thanked him for his time and quickly headed out the door with his Bride-to-be’s gifts. The jeweler thanked him again and again for his business and just stood there dumbfounded as the man walked out the door. He quickly locked the door behind Haroun and then called up to his wife. Telling her of their good fortune and exclaiming that he was going to take her out on the town tonight. As he watched Haroun head to his horse, he smiled to himself, thinking about how special this girl must be to this young man and how smitten he was with his young wife when they first met and how much he still loved her.

Haroun could hardly wait to get caught up to her and give her the ring he wished to properly propose to her with, clutching his treasures to his chest, he carefully eyed the streets as he placed the boxes in his saddlebags, knowing all too well there were thieves that constantly eyed these streets. Satisfied he didn’t see anyone; Haroun mounted his horse and headed on his way out of town toward Nakia and her destination.

As he rode along, he noticed how much more exquisite all the colors around him seemed. He was tempted to try something he hadn’t done in years; halting his ride, Haroun closed his eyes and focused all of his energy as he moved his hands with the winds around him, slowly a small whirlwind started to form, as he focused on his love for Nakia, the whirlwind grew into a small dust storm.  As he slowly opened his eyes and stopped moving his hands, the storm died down and settled in front of him. ‘Yup I still got it.’ He thought to himself. Continuing on his way, he encouraged his ride to move a little quicker, hoping to catch up to Nakia sooner rather than later.


Nakia (Chapter 4)

Chapter 4

As she descended the final steps, she felt everyone’s eyes on her, especially the boys who had tried to date her in the past, and all of the girls were just absolutely staring daggers at her. When she went by the table by the door, she overheard one of the girls talking, “I bet the only reason he favors her so much is because he is fucking her! After all, did you see them snuggled up together last night?! What a little slut!”

With this, Nakia whipped her head around, firmly set her things down and got in the girl’s face, and then loud enough for everyone to hear, she said, “Listen here you little brat! I have done no such thing with NO MAN! I am still as chaste as ever! And I will thank you to keep your little snot nose out of my business!” Just as Nakia finished chastising the girl, Haroun came up behind her leaned over her shoulder and said, “Is there a problem, Little One?” “I…I…I…*sigh* no Vizier Haroun, I was just standing up for myself, for both of us actually, this little, ahem, girl was calling me a slut and insinuating that you and I had umm, slept together.”

“Ah I see, well, first off, let me assure all of you who seem to be rampant on running your mouths instead of stuffing them with food and getting ready for the day’s studies that Miss Zaida has just ensured you all extra assignments for the next two weeks, and secondly, Nakia’s chastity is very much still in place, not that it is any of anyone else’s business! Now I suggest all of you get to eating and then get to your studies or you will find chores added to your list of things to do as well!” Haroun suddenly turned; his focus now on Zaida, “As for you Miss Zaida, you can spend the day in your chambers working on written lessons and also writing me an essay as to why it is important to respect others and keep one’s nose out of other people’s business!”

With those final words, Haroun stormed out of the main hall out to the waiting carriage wagon to place Nakia’s things in the back. Calling out to her to follow him, Nakia smugly smiled and sauntered off in the direction of Haroun’s voice. After Nakia set her things in the carriage, Haroun grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her around to face him, looking her squarely in the eyes, he gently took one hand under her chin and lifted her face up to meet his and kissed her, slowly, tentatively at first, then with more passion and urgency as she began to return the kiss mewling like a kitten under his touch.

As he pulled away from her soft, full lips, he looked into her eyes and said, “You know I would never do anything to hurt you or rob you of your innocence, right Little One?” Dreamily, still half entranced by his advances, she softly said, “Yes Haroun, I know.” “Then please, please consider the offer I am about to propose to you.” “Okay, I will.” “When you come back from your journey, I wish to do more than just teach you. I care for you a great deal. When you come back, I wish to make you my bride; that is if you will have me?”

Tentatively, he gauged her reaction as awareness slowly came to the forefront of her clouded haze and she fully absorbed what he had just asked of her. Not sure how she was going to react, he quickly added, “I will always take care of you Little One, you will never need or want for anything in this life.” Standing In a complete state of shock, she wasn’t sure what to say or do for several minutes, between Haroun’s kiss and his question her mind was a muddled mess of mush. After several minutes, Nakia looked up at him, smiling and slowly began to process what he had asked her.

Nakia looked at him and nodded her acceptance of his request. “YES! Yes of course I will marry you Haroun!” Elated, Nakia wrapped her arms around Haroun and pulled him in for another kiss, standing on tip-toe she planted her lips firmly to his. Smiling and giggling as she kissed him over and over again. As they pulled apart for a moment, he said, “Then I will have a ring waiting for you my love, as beautiful as you are, for you only deserve the best.” With this they parted and Nakia was safely deposited inside the carriage.

As the driver headed off, Haroun sighed, knowing he had a lot to do before her return. To and include his intended surprise of meeting her upon her return journey. He turned and headed back into the Academy, looking sternly at all of his students he stated. “I have some business to attend to in another town I will be gone until the next moon phase. Until then, my assistant Nasser, will be in charge of your lessons and studies, you are to listen to him just as you would me, and respect him in the same manner. If I find you have not done so, then there WILL BE CONSEQUENCES!!!”

With that said, Haroun headed up to his room to pack what he needed for the journey ahead. Clothing, weaponry, his spell book, and rations went into his bag as he hurried along and a bedroll and a few odds and ends he could sell just in case he didn’t have enough in his coin purse for the ring he wanted for Nakia. Haroun mounted his horse and headed to town to speak with the jeweler about his wears.


Nakia (Chapter 3)

Chapter 3

Nakia’s eyes fluttered open as the first rays of the morning sun filtered into her room. She stretched and sighed dreamily and snuggled back into the arm around her again, suddenly she sat bolt upright and looked down at the sleeping form beside her. Shock and embarrassment flooded through her body….did she??? Did they???? No surely they didn’t!

The last thing she remembered was him holding her trying to calm her from her nightmare and telling her he would stay with her as long as it took for her to calm down. He must have fallen asleep next to her. That had to be it, because he would never have endangered her chastity.

The one time someone had come to close to taking her innocence, he threatened to remove their manhood by reaching down their throat and yanking them up through their digestive track. After that, none of the boys ever dared to touch Nakia; they knew she had a fierce protector that would do whatever was necessary to keep her purity in place until the day she married, should that day ever come.

But alas, it looked as if that would never happen; she was nearly eighteen and hadn’t even been allowed to bring a boy out to the garden to talk to her, with Haroun present! Maybe while she was on this journey, she would meet someone. She lazily stretched again and preceded to gingerly climb out of bed to tend to her morning routine, after she washed up and was dressed, she went over to her bed and gently tapped Haroun on the shoulder.

Whispering softly, “Vizier Haroun, please I need for you to wake up so I can make my bed and finish my morning chores.” No response, so she tried getting a little louder, “Vizier Haroun, please I need for you to wake up so I can make my bed and finish my morning chores.” This time Haroun mumbled something unintelligible and rolled over the other way. As his hand reached out for the once sleeping form beside him, he realized she was no longer in the bed and his eyes flew open, “Nakia? Nakia?” He called out, “Nakia, where are you?”

“I’m right here Vizier, now if you would please…” Haroun cut her off by grabbing her from behind him and effectively tossing her on to the bed beside him. Nakia let out a yelp of surprise and just sat perfectly still afraid to move. “Vizier Haroun…what are you doing?” Haroun just chuckled in response, “Just having some fun with you Little One.”

Winking, he suddenly released her and leapt out of the bed, as he jumped up, Nakia was unceremoniously dumped onto the floor next to the side of the bed on which she was tossed. As she went over the side she screamed and ended up head first, skirts and legs in the air. Haroun turned around just in time to see her go over and land in a most unconventional manner. He couldn’t help himself and started to laugh uncontrollably.

After several moments, he managed to compose himself and asked her, “Nakia, are you alright?” Seeing her face reddened with anger and embarrassment, he suddenly stopped laughing and reached down and scooped her up, setting her right on the floor, feet firmly planted, and helped her to smooth her skirts. This time, with more sincerity he asked, “Nakia, are you hurt? No serious injuries I hope?”

Nakia beamed her big, bright smile up at him and said, “No, Vizier, I’m fine, a little flustered, but fine. Thank you.” “Good, we wouldn’t want you breaking any bones on the day of your departure.” Smiling down at her, Haroun had to resist the urge to pull her close and kiss her. Holding her close like this, breathing in her scent made it almost impossible. Nakia looked up at him and said, “Umm, Vizier, you can let go of me now I think I can stand okay from here.” “Oh, yeah, right” was all he managed to mumble in response as he let go of her waist.

“So did you have time to decide whether or not you were still planning on going on your outing this weekend? Or did you want to wait until after your birthday?” Haroun cautiously asked her, secretly half wishing she would go and half wishing she would stay here with him a little longer. As the thoughts of her and what his next steps should be with her swam around in his head, he almost didn’t hear her.

“Yes Vizier, I have decided that I still should go, after all, this is my final mission in becoming a first level Wizard, once I am done with this my training can truly begin.” “Oh, okay,” he sighed in resignation and response, “well then we should get your things downstairs and loaded into the carriage then. After we have everything loaded, then we can have some breakfast and then I will see you off, okay?” Nakia nodded in agreement and grabbed a few bags and started to head down the stairs.


Nakia (Chapter 2)

Chapter 2

Haroun knew all too well what the fates had in store for her and he could not stand in their way, though she had not realized it yet, Nakia was destined for great things, far greater than he could ever achieve. He saw the promise and natural ability in her from a young age, when they both were just students in the Academy. He always had a suspicion she was someone of great import to the world and once he became a teacher and discovered her back story, there was left no room for doubt. She was the chosen one, she would lead this world in to great things again, peace, harmony and love for one another. Something this world was sorely in need of again.

This Academy had been her home since she was eight. She watched Haroun grow into the man he was from a young man of thirteen to now. Five years her senior, she had always been in awe of his prowess and natural ability to move the elements with such ease. She wished she possessed such a skill, little did she know, hers was not with elements, but another force. Haroun knew this, he knew this well and hoped she would discover her path on this journey he had laid out for her. As she finished packing, she climbed into bed and stared at the ceiling; excited and nervous for her journey to begin tomorrow, she found it hard to sleep. So her mind began to wonder yet again.

As Nakia’s thoughts drifted she suddenly found her focus on Haroun, but not as it had been before, no this time was different; very different. She found her thoughts drifting to his dark hair, his deep green eyes, his perfectly white smile, his beautifully tan skin. As her thoughts drifted, so did her subconscious. As she started to dream her visions of him and his face were soon replaced by that of another man, someone much more sinister with evil intent for her and her loved ones. Unbeknownst to her, she called his name out loud in her sleep, “Saeed! Saeed! No don’t! Please leave them alone! Saeed! No!” She screamed over and over again in the middle of her nightmare. Haroun came rushing into the room when he heard her screams, and immediately tried to awaken her and soothe her cries.

“Nakia, NAKIA!!! Wake up! You’re having a nightmare!” Haroun gently shook her shoulder as he tried to call to her over her own yelling. Suddenly her eyes flew open and Nakia sucked in a deep breath and just started to shake and weep. Haroun sat down on the side of her bed and just wrapped his arms around her, trying to calm her. As Nakia shook and sobbed in his arms, he slowly rocked her back and forth shushing her and patting her head.

Once he had calmed her down enough to speak, he asked her “Nakia, who is Saeed?” She blinked at Haroun, confused. “I… I have no idea who you’re talking about. What do you mean? I’ve never met anyone named Saeed.” “You were screaming his name a moment ago and begging him to leave someone or several someone’s alone. Do you not remember?” Nakia said, “I remember, but I have no idea who he is. I never saw him before my dream tonight.”

Then, still shaking, she looked at Haroun through her tear soaked eyes and asked, “Could, could you stay here with me? At least until I fall asleep again? I’m so scared that awful dream will come back.” Haroun situated himself back on the bed, over the covers and gently pulled her into his arms patting her head and back like you would that of a child and said, “I will stay with you as long as it takes, Little One for you to feel safe again. Also, if you do not feel ready to go in the morning, let me know and we can put everything off for a while longer. I do not need that item that badly. Your peace of mind and safety are far more important to me.” With that she nuzzled into Haroun’s shoulder and fell asleep.

Haroun, holding Nakia, found it impossible to sleep. All he wanted to do was cherish this treasure he held in his arms and keep her safe from the dangers of the world and all to himself. Yes, he was truly infatuated with this girl and he needed to get away from her for a while, far away from her, which was exactly why he was sending her on this journey, well that and to continue her training and further her education in her natural abilities. Haroun knew Nakia had a great responsibility on her shoulders, and he did not need to interfere with her destiny.

As he laid there staring at the ceiling and listening to the sounds of her small sighs and slow breathing, he decided that if she was still intent on going on this journey that he would let her. However, he would follow her about a half a day behind, he could leave the Academy in his assistant’s hands; he had done so before and everything was fine. This way he would know she was safe on her journey and if she got into any real danger, he could help her, but not interfere with her trek out.

True, upon her return, she would run into him, but then they could journey back together and it would make things far more pleasant for both of them and perhaps he could help her work on her casting abilities on their journey home. Yes, this seemed like a feasible idea to him and the more Haroun thought about it, the more he liked the idea. With this he closed his eyes and soon drifted off to sleep himself, not intent on waking her, he just kept hold of her for the night.