Celebrate Masturbation Everyday in May-Now Go Fuck Yourself!

Did you know that May is International Celebrate Masturbation Month? Not many American’s know, so I’ll school you on the cool history. Back in May, 1994 Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders was speaking at the United Nations World Aids Day. An audience member asked her about masturbation’s potential for discouraging early sexual activity. The thought was […]

Celebrate Masturbation Everyday in May-Now Go Fuck Yourself!

5 ways to let Her know She’s special

Spa Day! No strings attached, just a whole pre-paid day of pampering. Flowers. Yes, it’s old fashioned, but sometimes there’s a REASON why something sticks around. Delivered flowers for no reason other than to say I Love You makes anyone feel special and loved. Let HER pick the movie, restaurant, or activity and DO NOT […]

5 ways to let Her know She’s special

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Depression Sucks

Trigger Warning… Sensitive subject for some…

Before any of my readers go any further, i am not the type to self harm or anything like that, i just tend to mentally berate myself and get all up in my feelings which is what’s going on with me today.

i’m tired of being the constantly uplifting, happy go lucky positive vibes person in the room! Can i just be unhappy and not have to fake it til i make it?! That bs is exhausting! i am far from perfect and never will be, i don’t always love myself and shouldn’t have to. Most days i’m fine, just today isn’t one of those days and i don’t like what i see in the mirror today either. Sorry if this post was a little too raw and real for some of you, but that’s just where my head is currently.

Day 9

Clean clean clean! Today was Uber busy! i deep cleaned O/our kitchen all except for the fridge that will get done Friday on my next day off! (May move the oven and sweep and mop behind it too because, umm yuck! 🤢

i still managed to get both sessions in by bedtime though! Bullet vibe to the rescue! Wednesday it’s back to work and another day! 😘

Day 8

The start of toy week! Yay! This was a fun day because it was coupled with my day off!!! i managed to get both toy sessions in and done before bed and got the bathroom deep cleaned, swept and mopped!

As all of my fellow kinksters know W/we all have O/our favorites when it comes to toy play! For me it’s things that vibrate! And the stronger the vibration the better! Couple that with some restraints and forced orgasms and you’ve got yourself one happy girl!

i started off with my magic wand toy and oh my stars! i’m pretty sure i went cross eyed on that one! The last session was right before bed and i used the bullet vibe. Simple, discreet, yet VERY effective!