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Soooo Happy!

I have been working so hard as of late on my language, and I’m happy to say I have made some MAJOR progress! I can safely say that I will hopefully be completely curse free soon! New goal for the New Year! 🙂

Steady Progress!

So far the daily calendar idea is working! I’m not completely cuss word free, but I’ve stopped dropping the F-bomb and have cut down using other words! I’m so happy! I think I might take the next step and add a swear jar to it, and every time I curse, I have to add a penny, that may not seem like much, but when your flat broke surviving on one income, those pennies count! Hopefully this will curb the rest of those words even faster! Daddy says my behavior has gotten better which is a HUGE PLUS! I work hard for that star everyday on the calendar! What can I say lol!


Lost and Found Again


To my readers,

I must apologize as I have not had the time, energy, health, or desire to write. I’m hoping things start to look up for us soon, I miss having the freedom and desire to write and to let the words flow freely from my finger tips and mind onto the screen or paper.

I also haven’t been able to get myself fully into little space lately, there are certain activities I enjoy doing, movies, video games, coloring, cooking and crafting and outside of necessity of survival, i.e. cooking, I have had little to no desire to do any of these things. I know that is no excuse as writing is supposed to be a part of Daddy’s and mine’s dynamic, but he has been lenient with everything going on in our respective lives.

Daddy is a compassionate and caring man, extremely understanding and patient. But some things he will not tolerate, disrespect and disobedience being two of the things at the top of that list. Which my bottom had the misfortune of experiencing his disappointment for said actions first hand. This being said, I do my best to avoid repeating offenses, but I fear I have another habit I must break, my foul language has not gotten any better, we’ve tried spankings, corner time, sentences, apology letters and essays, these things might fix it for the time being, but the fix is never long-term and seldom lasts more than a few days at best.

I have a new idea I am going to propose to Daddy, hoping it will work. I am going to suggest a behavior chart, now granted this will be in part on the honor system while I’m at work, but if I can go a whole day without cursing or back sassing Daddy, I get a sticker for that day, if I make it a week I get a reward certificate. If I want, I can accumulate my reward certificates for a bigger prize. He and I can discuss prizes and rewards at the time of proposing this idea. I genuinely hope this idea works better than the ones in the past.


Horny intensity

Honestly, even as I sit here typing this, I feel the pulsing in between my legs. I want, no I NEED your hardness. I need you deep inside of me, pounding into my pussy, making me scream and cry out in pleasure. As my mind begins to wander, I envision you taking control of my fantasy.

You slide your rock hard cock into my tight pussy, growling as I gasp from the surprise welcome invasion. You start to thrust fast, hard and deep. You show no mercy, no signs of slowing up, I feel my first orgasm beginning to tear through my body.

I open my mouth to scream but only a small squeak comes out. Then I realize I need to breathe, my lungs are on fire. I inhale deeply and then the loud cries of “Yes! Yes! Yes! Daddy I’m cumming on your cock so hard! Oh my God yes Daddy!”

As you continue to plunge into me listening to my cries, you growl into my ear, “Good girl! Cum on my cock Princess! Those are MY orgasms and I WILL take them from you! One way or another, you will be squirting and soaking the bed by the time I’m done with you!” 

You talking to me like this without slowing your pace has thrown me into an even bigger orgasm than the last one. I stiffen around you as my pussy pulsates. I start to shake as the first juices begin to leak from my pussy.

You pull your cock out and begin to furtively rub my clit as the slow trickle quickly turns into a gushing spray as I cling to you tightly and scream. You continue rub my clit, throwing me into another orgasm as I squirt for you again.

You plunge your cock back into my sopping wet, messy pussy, pounding deep into me. Holding my hips in place so I can’t move or get away. As I continue to cum on you, you thrust into me again and again hearing my cries of pleasure turn into gasps.

You feel my pussy clench down on your cock again as I cum. I’ve lost count off the orgasms at this point. You growl into my ear, “My turn, Princess! Take my cum, NOW!” Erupting deep into my pussy, flooding my fertile womb. I cum again as your sperm hits my cervix.

Collapsing in exhaustion with you still deep inside me. You kiss me gently on my forehead and whisper in my ear, “Good girl, good job taking Daddy’s cock and his cum into your pussy.” I smile as I fall asleep in your arms.


Mundane Life

Mundanus interruptus or so it would seem. Life has been so busy that I have fallen away from most of my tasks with Daddy and my daily training and etcetera. He says my attitude has become petulant at best and that I have been extremely moody and extremely non-little. Well let me tell you it’s hard to slip into littlespace when your stuck adulting all the time! It sucks! I work at home and then have to go work at work. I never have any little time anymore! It’s no wonder I’m moody and petulant! And he doesn’t seem to get it! He thinks chocolate and cuddles will solve everything! Harumph! I wanna be little for awhile! Grrrr! Well maybe tonight I’ll get that chance! Here’s hoping!


Happy Birthday To Me

With today almost coming to a close, it’s hard to believe I’m another year older. I’m 36 but feel like I’m 16! And at times, 7-12 when I’m in little space tee hee! But I am! It’s been a nice yet uneventful day, so I’m enjoying the little things today, time with my Daddy, good food and well wishes from friends and family. Hope you all have as great of a day as I have! :-*