Failing in my submission/A bit about who i am…

Don’t freak out the title isn’t as bad as it sounds. For the most part Mo Àrd Rìgh tells me i’m His good girl, His Printesa, His good Princess. So it’s not that kind of failing in my submission. It’s actually something much more internal.

At the start of this journey i had decided to keep a journal and it started out as a notebook that quickly got abandoned for a much less cumbersome, portable and private media. Voila the WordPress account Daddy’s Princess Slut was born! When my blogging is consistent it’s sometimes my experiences, other times fantasies of mine and even some mundane stuff.

Anyone that truly knows me as a person can tell you i am probably one of the biggest nerdy/geeky people they know. i enjoy playing role playing games such as DND and VTM, i also am a larper. Avid book reader and gamer when i make the time to do so and i love to write whenever creativity strikes me!

Currently i am 4 or 5 days into a new weight loss regime and i have never felt better! This new trend of intermittent fasting is definitely worth researching and getting into with your doctor’s consultation and approval of course! 😉 As someone who has tried diets in the past without much success i can tell you that this method seems to be working so far! i’m not sure how much weight i have shed or will shed if any but i do know that with this i am eating less and starting eating later in the morning and stopping sooner in the evening so my body has a chance to digest and metabolize what i’m putting into it!

The key is to not go to bed still actively digesting your food thus helping to burn more off when you do eat and not have food in your stomach that is just going to turn into stored fat. Maybe i’m crazy and just falling for another fad diet that’s going to fail like everything else i have tried. But i honestly think that for me this might work because it’s not just another dietary fad i’m changing my eating habits for the long haul and making conscious choices about food as well! Life changes can be a good thing if you can stick to them! ❤️💋

It’s been over a week

i haven’t been on here to blog in over a week and so much has happened since then! O/our girlfriend came to visit and W/we all spent the weekend together and then Mo Àrd Rìgh had to go back to work. i came back to work Friday and hit the ground running so to speak. It’s been a great week and i can’t wait to see what this next week brings!💋❤️

Survival of the caffeinated!

Thank the gods for coffee this morning! Trying to drag my butt out of bed this morning was near impossible and i fear tomorrow will be even harder because tomorrow’s my last working day before vacation! i opted not to take the full two weeks off just in case something came up so i took 6 working days and the weekend before and after that leaves me four days for the unforeseen.

i have a feeling i will be spending my next two days making to do lists between trucks just to stay busy! My home and vehicle will both be clean and shiny by the end of all this and yes i plan to take time off for myself as well, the housework will be just while Mo Àrd Rìgh is working so i stay out of His way! 😉💋


i can’t wait!!! 4 more days and O/our girlfriend will be here for the weekend!!! SQUEEE!!! Beyond ready for this break and some much needed R&R!!!

Also planning on doing a declutter of O/our home during my vacation; starting with the bedroom things are stuffed in dressers, closets, boxes and totes and i couldn’t tell you what half the stuff is anymore or when the last time W/we used or enjoyed it was!🤦‍♀️i can’t wait to feel like my home is a home again! ❤️💋

Learning To Let Things Go

The concept sounds so much easier than it actually is, we all have so much stuff and so many things we carry around in this life with us and all hang on to for dear life without even realizing we’re doing it! It’s just stuff ffs! You can’t take it with you when you go!

However letting go of these things often is often much harder because we as humans attach memories and value to these objects. Often rationalizing with phrases like, “I was wearing that shirt when we first met”, 20 plus years ago without giving any regard to the fact that said shirt is now not a shirt but a scrap of fabric.

Now i’m not saying don’t hold onto anything or to throw something out that’s still of value and of use absolutely not! But if it no longer serves you or is no longer of use to you maybe consider donating it or gifting it forward to someone else that could use it! Donating old things is good for the soul and it also gives you the opportunity to upgrade your life!

For example, just the other day i noticed one of my friends that i had given some of my old clothes to was wearing one of the shirts i gave her. It made me smile knowing that the shirt that was too big for me was still getting use.

i’m getting ready to do another closet clean out while on vacation not because nothing fits, but because i’m forty and it’s time for a wardrobe upgrade! Printed t shirts and the like are style of the twenty somethings and thirty somethings. So maybe it’s time to go from words on my shirts and inappropriate sayings to soft patterns and designs!

i will let you all know how said project goes for me! Here’s hoping i find some lovely pieces that don’t scream my granny’s name but also don’t call out to high school me! It’s time to look more feminine and ladylike not just for myself, but for Him as well! 💋❤️

His for the remainder of the weekend

T-minus four hours and counting and i’m free from work and His for the remainder of the weekend! i plan on going to get a pedicure and then going home to relax and make O/our meals for the week just to make life a bit less stressful for me the last week before vacation.

The funny thing is with my impending vacation i have managed to have a few work related brainstorms regarding scheduling to help lessen the overtime stress on all of us until we get more staff. Since there’s only three of us currently and we’re all full-time alternating weekend times so we all get rotating weekends off seems to be the best solution going forward. Hopefully my boss will agree with my suggestion! 💋❤️🤞

Why do we do this to ourselves?

Okay a bit of insight, i have worked for company x for over 7 years now and in that time i have managed to amass some skills and training along the way that have helped me to become better at my job.

Not just as an officer but as a supervisor as well. i used to have the biggest problem with micromanaging to the point that i was making myself sick with stress and worry, since then my training and techniques have helped me to change that thought process and become a better leader and coworker.

Well now, one of my officers is doing the same thing, i’ve been where she is now so i understand what she’s going through somewhat. There are some key differences though so in trying to approach the situation with the utmost care i am trying not to push too much lest she push back and not get the help and training she needs or even worse shut down completely.

If you had told me 4 years ago that when i first took on the supervisor roll that i would be where i am today i probably would have laughed in your face. But training and experience truly does make all the difference in the world. At the end of the day i am still me and i still kneel down to Him. Thank you all for reading through my rambling it’s been a rough week! 💋❤️