Throbbing Hunger

(Hopeful near future reality, but for now just a hot fantasy)

As I lay back and wait for your instruction I can feel my pulse throbbing between my legs. My sex open and exposed for you as you peruse my body watching my every movement. No matter how much I want to I can’t close my legs or reach down and touch myself. You have ensured that by putting my ankles and wrists in the spreader bar.

You look down at me with a deliciously wicked grin. “Okay Babygirl, it’s time for the fun to begin. By the time I’m done playing with you, you will be nothing more than a babbling puddle of pleasure.” With those last words you click the wand on and slowly lower it to my exposed clit. Tensing in anticipation, I hold my breath waiting for the vibrating head to make contact on my already, sensitive exposed flesh.

As you initially make contact with my pussy I jump and yelp in surprise, soon the sensations become too intense and I’m begging for permission to cum. Right before I tip over the brink, you take the wand off of my pussy as I cum from nothing having my first ruined orgasm of the evening. You grin salaciously at me and say “That’s one, Princess. The first of many.”

I pant as I’m cumming down from my incomplete edge and pout glaring at you, not knowing better than to mouth off I quickly spat out “That was not nice! You jerk!” “Oh Babygirl, that pretty little mouth of yours is going to make you pay tonight and pay dearly, I promise you, you won’t be so smart by the time we’re done.”

You lower the wand to my pussy again now touching my exposed clit as it has decided to poke itself out from it’s protective hood. My eyes roll back in my head as the pleasure overwhelms my body I scream as my release inches ever closer. Feeling the sensations begin to take over I cry out to you “Daddy can I cum please?! I’m so close oh God! Oh God oh God oh Daddy please I’m gonna explode I can’t hold it back! Please! Aaah I’m cumming!”

Right as that last sentence escapes my lips you pull the wand away again forcing me to have another ruined orgasm. I pant as my pussy pulses my hole opening and closing grasping at nothing but air. I pout and begin to beg for mercy “Daddy please let me cum! I’ll be a good girl I promise! I won’t be mouthy or mean, I won’t yell or use bad words! Just please please let me cum!”

“Oh princess, you’re going to cum tonight, allot of times, I promise you that, they are all just going to be ruined ones, and after I feel that you have sufficiently learned your lesson and how to control your orgasms and that mouth of yours and your clit is so sensitive that even just the air touching it makes your little pussy explode, then I’m going to put my big fat Daddy cock into your pretty pussy and hold the wand on it until you explode around my cock and beg for me to fuck your asshole just to give your poor pussy a break, but Babygirl, the wand will stay on your pussy, even as I’m pounding your little rosebud because I fully intend to remind you who the fuck Daddy is, you’ve been far too mouthy and I’ve been far too complacent, well that’s not going to happen after tonight because any time I feel you’re starting to step out of line too much, this will happen again and again until I get my point across. Now cum!”

Daddy commanded as he put the wand back on my pussy and cum I did, Daddy pulled the wand back as I started to tip over the edge for the third time that night and watched my body twitch as my pussy gushed and convulsed around nothing, as soon as the contractions stopped, Daddy put the wand back on my pussy, but this time he had turned the wand up on high.

The orgasm was coming on so quickly and with so much force I couldn’t even speak to beg Daddy for permission to cum. I just started cumming and with my full orgasm that I didn’t get permission for I started to cry. “I’m sorry Daddy I didn’t get permission I’m sorry I’m sorry!!!” Daddy immediately pulled the wand away and wrapped his arms around me shushing me. “Shh, shhhh it’s alright Babygirl, we’re learning your limits together, that was clearly too strong for your little pussy for you to be able to ask for permission at this point in the exercise, hey now, you’re not in trouble for that. Stop crying sweetie. It’s okay. Daddy won’t do that again unless he wants you to cum like that. Now let’s finish the exercise, no more tears here’s some water, good girl. Good girl for apologizing Daddy knows you didn’t mean to cum without asking, that was mostly Daddy’s fault. It’s okay.”

Once Daddy got my crying under control and my breathing steadied, we started again. But this time Daddy changed tactics on me. He held the wand to my pussy and as I started to come close I told him, “Daddy I’m gonna cum! Daddy I can’t hold it please I’m gonna cum!” “Then cum babygirl, cum now!”

As my orgasm took over my body for the fifth time that night Daddy held the wand firmly to my clit and pussy listening to my cries and watching my body as I exploded for him. “I’m cumming Daddy! Ungh, ungh oh God I’m cumming! Yes Daddy that feels so good oh yes!” Daddy continued to hold the wand in place as I started to come down from my orgasm but my body didn’t get the chance to fully recover as another orgasm was right on its heels. “Daddy, I’m gonna cum AGAIIINNN!” I shrieked as another orgasm ripped through my body. “Ahh ahhh ahhhhhhhh!!! I’m still cumming!!!” “Keep cumming Babygirl, Daddy wants to use your holes tonight. And I want you to be a willing complacent slut for me. That’s it Princess cum, keep cumming. Good girl, very good girl.”

You made me cum four more times back to back from the first full intentional one making my total number of orgasms for the night 10. The last two both ruins. As I lay there panting, even more horny than earlier because of the last two ruined orgasms, you gently hold the wand above my clit resting on my pubic bone, looking down at me lovingly you take your cock and put it in my mouth telling me to make you hard as you place the wand back onto my pussy. Listening to my muffled screams of pleasure as my throat reverberates around your cock making it rock hard you pull your cock out of my mouth just as I’m about to cum again and roughly shove it into my pussy. I explode around you, seeing stars as I cum you lean down and kiss me possessively, claiming my mouth and my orgasm as you growl “Mine, now cum on my cock again!” As you start to thrust deeply in and out of my pussy I cum again. As I start to open my mouth to scream your mouth captures mine again in a soul wrenching kiss. I moan and scream in pleasure into your mouth as my pussy helplessly convulses and squirts around your cock. “There it is, there’s that orgasm I wanted to see and your pussy needed to have, that’s my girl. Good girl.” With that you pulled you cock out of my pussy and lined the head up with my asshole.

“Okay Princess, as soon as you start to cum again Daddy’s going to put his nice fat cock into your pretty little rosebud. I’m going to pound your asshole until we both explode, and then there will be something more I’ll do for you. Ready?” Panting as another orgasm quickly begins to mount from the wand still being firmly pressed against my sopping wet pussy as I start to cum I throw my head back and scream as the pleasure tears through my body again, you hold the wand firmly in place until I begin to squirt as fluid erupts from my pussy you shove your cock into my tight unused rosebud. This causes me to cum again as my pussy and asshole throb and convulse you take the wand off of my pussy and pound my backdoor listening to my yelps of pleasure and pain as you fuck me.

As I start to mount the inevitable pleasure wall again for the fifteenth time that night you leave my pussy untouched, you’re curious to see if I can just cum from you fucking my asshole. As you continue to thrust deeply in and out I moan as my pleasure mounts feeling my orgasm so close but just out of reach you notice that I can’t cum and am hovering right on the edge, all it would take at this point would be a simple breath of air, a smack or pinch of my clit or a command from you and I would become undone yet again.

I begin to beg and plead for release, not sure what I’m wanting, but I know I need you to complete this puzzle. “Daddy can I cum? Please I need to cum so badly! This feels so good Daddy oh my God please Daddy please let your little slut cum Daddy please! Oh God Daddy your cock feels so good sliding in and out of my tight hole. Please Daddy can I cum yet? Please? I’m so close Daddy! I need to cum for you Daddy! Please!” As you continue to slide your cock in and out you enjoy hearing my pleas for release and continue to stay silent, careful not to touch my pussy or grant me permission.

Watching my body as more and more wetness drips from my pussy down onto your cock making it easier for you to thrust into my backdoor. As you feel the wetness seeping down you increase the pace of your thrust. This was just the push my body needed to tip over there edge, I start to feel my orgasm coming on I begin to beg for permission, “Daddy I’m gonna cum please I can’t stop it I’m gonna… Oh fuck! Daddy! I’m cumming oh God please Daddy don’t stop please let me cum! Oh God oh God oh yes!!! Aaaahhh!” “Cum Princess, keep cumming for Daddy. That’s it babygirl, yes cum harder, yes good girl I knew you weren’t done yet.” As my orgasm starts to fade you flick my clit sending me into another one feeling my ass clench and convulse on your cock as I continue to cum. Before I can come down from this orgasmic high or even catch my breath you pick the wand back up and turn it on high placing it back onto my fully exposed clit. My eyes go crossed and my mouth hangs open in a silent scream.

My orgasm extending as my body continues to shudder and shake both holes pulsing with release you take your hand and shove your middle two fingers into my dripping wet pussy pushing against my G-spot rubbing it as your cock thrusts in and out of my back tunnel and you hold the wand in place on my clit with the other. The sensations all becoming to much I scream as another series of orgasms begin to tear through me. Pulsing and squirting I go limp as I pass out from pleasure. You continue working my holes, knowing I will come back to. When I finally wake up I start to beg for release again, you smile down at me and say, “Cum as much as you want Babygirl, I think you’ve learned your lesson tonight.”

PSA: Wear A Mask (And Wear Condoms)

Under normal circumstances, we shouldn’t need to remind people to be safe and responsible. Under normal circumstances, we shouldn’t have to explain why certain safety measures are worth the inconvenience. These are not normal circumstances. Let’s not pretend otherwise. We’re in the midst of a global pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands of people. […]

PSA: Wear A Mask (And Wear Condoms)

A Memorial Day Weekend Moment Of Reflection

This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend and as we roll into summer, it’s clear this world is not the same it has been. Our practices of wearing masks, taking temperatures and keeping track of how many people are in an establishment have become part of the norm as our nation struggles to get back to on it’s feet I see allot of changes in the small town, the state and the country Daddy and I live in. One thing is for sure, we will be okay, we will come out of this as we always have stronger together and maybe a little better for it. Daddy and I have always been survivors and learned how to budget and beat the struggle bus long ago so for us, that part isn’t new or overwhelming. What is hard to deal with however is watching the divide of neighbor against neighbor, state against state, politician against politician, now is not the time for this divide, if we all want to come out of this then we need to learn to work together. I know we can do it, we’ve done it once before in my lifetime that I can remember (probably more than that but I was too young to notice or care). We came back stronger than ever as a nation after 9/11 and we will come back stronger than ever after we defeat this invisible enemy. What we don’t need however is we don’t need to let fear take over, turn off the news, quiet your mind, go outside and meditate. Get some fresh air and sunshine, spend some time with your family and thank a service member for all they have done and continue to do for us all.


Being an empath is hard enough, but being one in the middle of this mess of a situation has my brain on constant overdrive. I am not sleeping well at night and with it constantly in my face between TV and the media I can never seem to get away from it. I need a break before I break. My heart mind and soul are begging for a moment of silence from the chaos but everyone around me seems hell-bent on continuously reminding me of that chaos. I just want a day at this point where nobody tells me how many cases we have in the town I live in, where nobody posts about COVID-19, and where my empathic soul doesn’t pull someone’s negativity, stress or worry in. I need help and I need to find a way to get back my happier me, I miss her. Maybe just maybe I’ll find her again soon. 😟

Thoroughly Owned

So I asked Daddy for an impact session and got what I needed yesterday. I am quiet, happy and content. He paddled my ass thoroughly and evenly until it was a nice cherry red, then had me crawl to him and worship his cock with my mouth.

When he was satisfied with how hard and wet he was he told me to turn around and get on my hands and knees ass up in the air arms stretched out in front of me hands together in the shape of a triangle. He slid his thick hard cock into my tight wet pussy with ease. I was surprised how wet I was. He then pounded my pussy without stopping. I was too wrapped up in all of the sensations as he made me cum again and again on his cock. I have no idea how many orgasms I had without asking for permission. I couldn’t form words let alone sentences, but he just growled at me to cum on his cock and cum I did. When he started to cum I felt his cock get even bigger and thicker, as he slid in and out he was rubbing my G-Spot with his cock and this threw me into another big orgasm. As he painted my womb with his cum I fell into subspace for the first time in far too long.

Later on that night in bed he had me suck his cock as he played with my pussy as he made me cum all over his hand, I didn’t stop sucking though, I know better. When he couldn’t cum with my mouth, her had me ride him. He painted my walls with his cum again last night and now I sit here at work dripping wet with my pussy occasionally clenching in pleasure. I can’t wait to get home and service Daddy tonight, he made me cum so hard and so many times last night I want to make him feel just as good.

Daddy knows what I need and knows how to give it to me. I am one lucky little. 😉 😍 😘


As Holly walked through the cold rain shivering, she looked for a place to get under for some shelter. Freezing, nearly naked and alone, she knew she was in trouble. Her spaghetti strap shirt and short shorts were no match for the sudden weather change. 

She told Him she was going out with friends, she told  Him they would be home by midnight. It was after three and her friends ditched her for some strange guys at the bar, she didn’t drive and they couldn’t be bothered to take her home. As she stood under the awning of an empty old abandoned factory she checked her dead phone yet again hoping it would magically power up this time, but, nothing.

She stood there bawling because she knew she was in trouble, she knew Ryan would be worried, pissed and disappointed. She was lost and cold and tired. As she closed her eyes for a moment to collect her thoughts she felt a hand cover her mouth and heard a familiar voice say, “Don’t scream Princess, it’s just Daddy.” Her shoulders slumped and she immediately relaxed into His arms.

Then His hand was around her throat and He was growling in her ear, “Do you have any idea what time it is?! Do you know how much trouble you’re in?!” Her eyes shot open and she tried to struggle but as she took a deep breath she passed out and He simply scooped her up and carried her into the building.

When she came to she was tied to a chair, naked and gagged. His eyes lit up with amusement as she slowly became aware of the predicament she was in. Her legs were tied to opposite chair legs so her pussy was exposed to the night air, her hands were cuffed behind her back and nestled in between her pussy lips pressed firmly against her very sensitive clit was a remote controlled magic wand.

She shook her head as if to beg for mercy but He just chuckled and clicked the remote turning the wand on. Watching her eyes get wide and dilate and slowly roll back in her head. As she was about to tip over into the abyss of orgasm He clicked it off right before she came leaving her teetering on the edge. He bent down and whispered into her ear, “Okay Babygirl, I know you cannot speak, but you can move your head, choose your next few answers carefully and this could go very well for you, but if you answer wrong you’re in for a long night of edging without release. Do I make myself clear?” She quickly nodded her head and He said, “Good girl, you answered that correctly, let’s see if you can continue to do so.”

*Click* the buzzing vibrations started again and she let out a low moan, indicating He was getting the response He wanted. “Next question, did you go to the bar tonight?” She nodded yes and the vibrations increased. She moaned again louder and her pussy began to drip on the floor. Right before she came He turned it down to a low hum. “Good girl, that’s it ride that edge baby, no cumming until I say so. Yes good girl, hold it, hold it, oh your pretty little pussy is becoming so sloppy, so dirty, you’re making such a mess you nasty girl, look how wet you’re making the floor. I better distract you from dripping so much.”

He attached two nipple clamps letting the closures snap closed on each one earning a scream from her twice, roughly pulling her away from the edge of her orgasm.

“Okay, now next question, did you leave the bar with your friends?” She shook her head no. He turned the wand up, she started to scream hurdling back to the orgasm she was a hair’s breath from moments ago as He said, ” Good girl, I followed you to the bar last night because I didn’t trust your friends and I’m glad I did.” He tuned the wand up higher pushing her over there edge into a screaming flooding orgasm as her pussy dripped onto the floor he plunged his fingers into her tight hole, increasing her pleasure and the sensations. Enjoying her helpless state and the reactions he was getting, he continued to coax her to cum for him. “Yes Babygirl, now you can cum. Let it out, good girl keep cumming I know you aren’t done yet. Yes, good girl, good girl.”

He turned the wand off and untied her legs from the chair, and took out her gag. “Last question, Princess, why didn’t you call me to come get you?” She looked up at him, breathless and started to ramble, “Because Sarah threw my phone into her drink when they said they were leaving because I told them I was going to call you to come get me and it ruined my phone and we got into a fight and got kicked out so I couldn’t use the bar phone either.”

By the time she was done telling Him what happened she was bawling again and He was sitting in the chair holding her, “Hey, hey Babygirl, Daddy’s not mad at you for that, you told me the truth, now guess what that means. Daddy’s going to take you and make you feel really good again and again until you can’t take anymore and then He’s gonna keep going until you can’t even walk straight for a week. Are you ready to cum for Daddy and to ride  Daddy’s cock Princess?” She nodded her head and He wiped her tears away and kissed her as He started to finger her pussy to another orgasm. As she came around His fingers He held her in a tight embrace flicking her clit listening to her screams of pleasure echo off the walls. As she came down from her orgasm He picked her up and wrapped her legs around His waist. Dropping His pants and plunging His big thick cock into her tight wet warmth. Pounding into her pussy without slowing, He felt her start to spasm around His cock and He growled in her ear, “That’s it baby, cum on Daddy’s big cock, yes keep going Princess I’m not stopping and I have no intentions of cumming any time soon so you can take what you need and you are going to take everything I give you. Oh Babygirl, you gonna cum again already? Okay, then cum, yes good girl, good job baby, let it all out, Daddy’s here, He’s gonna take care of everything. Yes keep cumming baby, oh my God you’re so wet and tight. Yes hug my cock with your pussy baby. Good job. Is that all you have? I don’t think it is. Daddy’s got a new position he wants to try, are you ready Princess?”

As she rode the waves of the continuous orgasm He had set her on, she nodded. He picked her up off of His cock sat down in the chair and turned her around backwards placing her back on His cock and giving Himself free access to play with her tits and pussy as much as He wanted while she rode Him deep and He plowed her from behind.

As  she leaned her head back against His shoulder He whispered in her ear, “Is Daddy’s Princess ready for more orgasms? Hmm?” Breathlessly she replied “Yes Daddy, please make me cum for you again, you feel so good inside me when I cum Daddy, PLEASE! Oh oh oh YES DADDY YES!”

As she started to beg for more He was more than willing to give it to her, listening to her cries of pleasure as He thrust up into her and played with her nipples, removing the clamps and massaging them to get blood flowing back into them.

As He paid special attention to her breasts, He reached under Him for the wand. Flipping it on, He placed the head of it directly onto her sensitive little clit, listening to her moans change into screams as she came again and again on His cock. He watched her as she got lost in her orgasms, knowing He was the one bringing her this pleasure.

As she was cumming He slipped his cock out of her soaking wet pussy and slid on a condom. He lifted her hips up and lined His cock up with her asshole. He slowly let her back down keeping the wand on her pussy as her ass swallowed His cock eagerly. He tapped her leg and said, “Bounce Babygirl, bounce for Daddy.” As she bounced up and down He felt her pussy and ass contract for another orgasm.

As she came, He took the wand off her clit letting her come down enough for Him to gauge her reaction. He picked her up and plunged her up and down on His cock widening her tight ass with each balls deep thrust. She moaned in ecstacy as He kept manipulating her body like a rag doll. “More Daddy more, oh my God, don’t stop! Your cock feels amazing in my ass! Yes Daddy yes! Oh Daddy I’m gonna huh huh OH MY GOD YES!” As she screamed yes she squirted everywhere, collapsing against Him as she rode the tremors of her orgasm.

He smiled and gently said in His most lecherous tone, “I’m not even close to done with you yet Babygirl. Like I said, you won’t be able to walk let alone stand when I’m done. NOW CUM, CUM AGAIN THAT’S IT MORE GOOD GIRL!” She spasmed and soaked the floor again as He commanded another orgasm from her body.

He gently slid her off of His cock and set her down. Watching her to make sure she didn’t fall as she shook on the chair, He flipped her legs up in the air and plunged His cock back into her asshole as He shoved his fingers into her pussy rubbing her Gspot.

Thrusting into both of her holes without slowing down as she started to cum again for Him He kept plunging both holes listening to her moans and cries of ecstacy. As she kept cumming He watched her eyes go crossed and felt her Gspot get hard as she began to squirt again.

“Yes Babygirl, that’s it keep cumming, I want everything you have to give to me tonight and I will get it all. You are mine and I own every orgasm. You get your pleasure from me. Daddy knows your body better than anyone else. That’s it, give me that one too, good girl. Cum on Daddy’s fingers and cock, good girl. What’s that baby? What do you want?”

“I want your cock in my pussy again Daddy please! Oh, oh, oh! Use your Babygirl’s tight wet hole again please!!” “Whatever my Princess wants, she gets tonight. Okay Babygirl, one second.”

As He continued to rub her clit, He slipped the condom off and plunged His cock back into her pussy pulling another intense string of orgasms out of her as He plunged in and out of her again and again as she screamed louder with each thrust.

He watched her as she came for him, smiling as He looked into her eyes as she let out a silent scream of pleasure as her pussy juice sprayed everywhere as He held His cock balls deep inside of her and rubbed and pinched her clit sending her crashing into an even bigger orgasm.

As she let out a howl He started thrusting in and out again plunging His cock into her cervix as she passed out. He slowed His thrusts and pulled her on to His lap held her close. As she came back to he smacked her ass and said “Ride Daddy Princess, nice and slow. That’s it, in and out so deep inside of you, do you feel that Babygirl?” She nodded. “You do? Good because when you cum again, I’m gonna flood this pussy with My seed and you’re not going to stop because I won’t be going soft. When I’m done with you tonight you will be so full of my cock and cum you will be leaking for the next week. Now CUM Babygirl, that’s it ride the deep orgasm! Yes yes yes fuck Babygirl here comes Daddy’s first load for the night! Aaargh!

Feeling His cock expand inside her pushed her over the edge and she came again with Him, “DADDY!!! OH FUCK YES! AAAAH! HUNH HUNH HUNH! OH GOD DADDY DON’T STOP AAAAH!” As she screamed louder she sprayed everywhere coating both of their lower bodies in the mixture of their cum. Feeling everything leaking out of her as she felt His hardness pulse inside he grinned at her shocked expression. “I told you Babygirl, I’m not even close to done with you tonight. I own you body mind and soul and I fully intend on reminding that sweet little pussy of yours just who Daddy is.” As He punctuated each word of the last sentence with a deep thrust of His cock. Earning moan after moan from her. They continued to fuck and cum throughout the night.

Try, fail, fall down, get back up, try again.

As some of you may know I’ve been on a weight loss journey for 4 years now. When the scales tipped at 296 was a reality call and a wake-up for me. Although I’m nowhere near where I want to be I’m happier than ever because I’m losing the weight and I’m maintaining. Currently I’m sitting 40 lbs down from where I started slow and easy as she goes the main things have been Lifestyle Changes dietary changes and exercise whether it’s getting up and walking around the neighborhood or doing a little bit of fat burning exercises before bed each night. As I went from a size 26 down to the 20 I’ve noticed a boost in my confidence and my energy levels I’m nowhere near the size I want to be or as healthy as I want to be but I’m back to the size I was when Daddy and I met 19 years ago.

Here we go!

Okay, today I publicly declared on my Facebook that I was putting myself up for a rather aggressive weight loss challenge. My goal? 30 pounds in 3 months! I’ve dropped some weight since I started this journey back in 2014-2015. I went from 294 down to 275, but I hit a wall, so my goal is to get now more aggressive with my diet and to get back to my exercise routine. No more excuses! No more laziness! I will lose the rest of this weight! My end goal? 150-155 pounds! But first things first, get these next 30 pounds off by summer! So here goes, carbs I’m gonna miss you, but you no longer serve me or my health goals! More produce, more protein and less carbs and sugars! This ain’t be easy, but I know it will be worth it! 😊

Organized Chaos

Life has been crazier than normal these past few weeks. With the week before this last week definitely having been the most complicated. That Monday the alternator in my van died, thus causing my battery light to come on, while my van was down some adult child shot out my back window because he was pissed off at some other person who didn’t even live in our apartment building and was visiting someone else there all because he was parked in our parking lot my vehicle happened to become a casualty. This happened on our anniversary which happens to fall on Valentine’s day. Needless to say it’s been a crap month and I’m ready for spring. Because I’m over the cold, over the yuck and over everyone’s foul moods because of it!