Dripping With Him

Sir, i asked You for what i needed and not only did You give me what i needed. You left my pussy drooling with Your essence still this morning. i must be careful how i move and sit today, because otherwise my body will betray me and tell the world how much of a slut You have turned me into.

i am a wanton whore with a body that loves being Your personal Fleshlight. my holes are for You to lick, suck, fuck, fill and deny at Your discretion. i know i am blessed with the gift of orgasm only when You see fit to grant it.

Last night You saw fit to grant me many orgasms encouraging me each time my pussy started to contract and pulse, my juices running down Your cock and balls as i cried out my pleasure to You.

Coaxing me to cum and cum again as you whisper in my ear, “That’s it Baby cum for Daddy, good girl, keep cumming, damn you’re pulsing and your juices are running down my balls, keep riding Babygirl. Daddy knows you’ve got more orgasms for me, oh you’re cumming again already. Oh fuck keep going Princess, cum with Daddy. Oh good girl, good girl”

i truly love You and love being Your little cum slut even more. My pussy is Yours to do with as You please, and last night You saw fit to bring me to many wonderful orgasms and then mark Your territory.

As i feel Your warm thick cum dripping out of me slowly throughout today, i can’t help but smile to myself, knowing You will be with me all day until i get home tonight. i fully intend on showing You just how good of a cum slut i can be and how grateful i am tonight when W/we settle down for the night. i will stick your cock in my warm, wet mouth and play with myself as i worship You as the King You are and bring U/us both pleasure.

Life Update

Dear readers, i am aware i don’t share much about my personal life on here and even less about my loves. Well, very recently W/we both just had a new and much needed chapter enter O/our lives in the sweetest tiniest ball of floof and love of a new puppy. 🐶

To say i’m in love already is an understatement! Although he will never replace O/our dog we lost back in February, he is very much helping to heal the hole in O/our hearts and closing some wounds that i didn’t even realize were open from the hurt and ugliness in this world. Having someone happy to see you every day makes even the worst day better! 💗

This was much needed and healing the heart heals the mind and soul. i’m slowly starting to feel like my old self again and my heart is happy and i can’t stop smiling. 🙂

Daddy’s Babyslut

Daddy loves to tease me He loves to watch me squirm as He plays with my pussy. He knows how wet and tingly i already am. He knows i want nothing more than to cum and cum and cum again. But He also knows i won’t without His permission.

As Daddy slowly eases His big cock into my little pussy i start to leak around Him as He stretches me open. He knows i’m already on the edge of cumming and once He starts to thrust it’ll all be over except for me screaming out my pleasure as i cum on Him over and over…

As Daddy thrusts slow and deep my orgasm starts to come on strong taking over my mind and body. Daddy knows just how to make me come undone on His cock and lose complete control.

As i cum i start to scream my pleasure. He tells me not to hold back as He speeds up His thrusts listening to my cries of pleasure as i spasm and squirt around His cock. He grins down at me. Leans down and says ‘that’s the first of many tonight babyslut.’

Another orgasm is hot on the last one’s heels and Daddy feels my pussy spasming and gushing again as i cum for Him.

Next thing i know Daddy has rolled over so i’m now sitting on His lap with His cock buried deeper inside of me than before. i start to slide up and down His pole working my way to another earth shattering series of orgasms, knowing i couldn’t stop cumming even if i tried my pussy was too sensitive and responsive at this point. Watching me come undone and explode on His cock made Daddy grin.

As my orgasm starts to abate Daddy grabs my hips and turns me around, he slaps my ass and says ‘Ride my cock Princess, ride my cock until it makes you cum. I want my cock and balls drenched in your wetness. I want you so spent so docile and pleasured that you’ll be begging me to breed you. Now CUM!’

As i start to fall over Daddy rolls over on top of me sliding his cock home in his babyslut’s hole yet again thrusting deep whispering in ear. ‘Are you ready Princess? Daddy’s going to cum so deep in your little pussy that you will leaking my creampie out of you for days. It’s time to breed my pussy babyslut. Now spread your legs wide for Daddy so I can fuck you nice and deep.

i love when Daddy pounds me from behind and i am cumming so much and so good that my pussy starts to impale itself on Daddy’s cock again and again just to keep the orgasms coming! Daddy knows when i get to this point it’s only a matter of time before I am begging for His seed.

Daddy is balls deep in me at the moment as i grind and on His big fat cock. Feeling another orgasm coming i start to moan and cry Daddy oh Daddy oh oh oh iiiiiii’m cummmming!!!’

Open up babyslut here comes Daddy’s seed I’m going to fill your womb! Aagh! FUCK!!!!’ As Daddy fills my pussy with His sperm He leans down and says ‘That’s Daddy’s good girl, take it all baby, good girl.’

And then 2 became 3

So it’s official folks! Daddy, myself and O/our gorgeous, sexy, lively, intelligent, beautiful soul girlfriend are all three handfasted! W/w/we are all so over the moon happy! 🥰

It’s been a long search, with many heartbreaks, many lessons learned and some healing (okay actually ALLOT of healing) along the way but O/o/our circle is now complete. 💗

i’m still riding the high but i know this one is the one and this one will last. W/w/we have all agreed to stick by each other. Rule number one for the relationship is communicate regardless of how any of U/u/us feels if there’s an issue talk it out!

W/w/ we each bring something to the relationship and bring out the best in one another! i for one can’t wait to see where this journey takes U/u/us all! Till next time stay true to yourselves and learn to love who you are so you can find your own happiness!🥰😘

O/o/our happy poly family 🥰💗😘

Properly Bred By Daddy

Good morning readers. It’s been a long time since I wrote for you all last. As it often does life got in the way but i’m here for how at least.

Friday night was the third time Daddy used His pussy this month. AND i got permission to cum! Not just permission but i was made to cum and cum and cum again. Full proper orgasms. Once i started to cum He just kept pounding my poor little pussy from behind not stopping, not slowing down, just deep, full, cervix hitting strokes.

As my first orgasm peaked another was right on it’s heels. i honestly lost count of how many times Daddy’s big fat cock made me cum but as the pleasure continued to roll through my body all i could do was spray His cock with squirt and moan and scream. i’m quite certain the entire first floor knew what we were up to because i made no attempts to be quiet and Daddy loves it when He can make me scream or when he makes me cum so hard He renders me speechless.

i love being His cumdump, His breed slut, His Babygirl, His submissive. i simply love being HIS.

He feels so good inside of me. His cock is absolute perfection. i will be the first to admit i cum like a shameless bitch in heat when He claims His pussy. He’s not greedy with my orgasms either, as long as i tell him when the first one is coming. Sometimes He will make me wait to cum, sometimes He enjoys making me beg for my release but He almost always let’s me cum. After that i am allowed to cum as much as i want when He’s claiming His pussy.

When He starts pumping into my tight little pussy with more aggression trying to push His cock even further into my cervix, i know He’s getting close to cumming. As he continues to take what’s rightfully His to take all i can manage to moan is, “Yes Daddy, it’s your pussy, breed me Daddy! Yes yes yes!! Cum in your slut Daddy!”

As His cock begins to swell, i start feel another orgasm coming as my pussy begins to squeeze His cock i barely manage to scream out, “DADDY!” Before my pussy starts to spasm and spray all over his cock and balls as He coats my womb deep with His potent seed. As He starts to slow His thrusts, He leans down, kisses my neck and nibbling on my ear as He softly whispers “good girl” as he slowly oh so deliberately slowly slides His cock out of my pussy.

As His cum starts to slowly drip and leak out of my pussy, it’s all i can do to lay there feeling my body twitch and spasm with every heartbeat. “Such a good slut for Daddy.” Always a good slut for Daddy. 😉😘

NO-vember 29 and NO-vember 30 pain and pleasure

So there’s pleasure, there’s pain that can become pleasure and then there’s just pain. Today involved the last one. My thighs were on fire like i had done a thousand squats and i hadn’t! It SUCKED! 😭 i went home, heated up leftovers for dinner (thank you dad for leaving U/us the ham and potatoes and gravy) ate and climbed into a tub of hot water full of Dr. Teal’s Foaming Bubble Bath with Pure Epsom Salt and Hemp Seed Oil

If you suffer any issues that involve using epsom salt for pain relief but don’t like grit on your bum that i highly recommend this product to you. My two favorite scents are Dr. Teal’s Foaming Bubble Bath with Pure Epsom Salt and Hemp Seed Oil when i’m hurting bad and Dr. Teal’s Soften & Moisturize Foaming Bubble Bath with Pure Epsom Salt, Shea Butter & Almond Oil to keep my skin soft and smooth. If there is one product that is worth the money when it comes to pain relief that doesn’t involve shoving a pill down your throat, for me that is Dr. Teal’s Epsom salt products! *DISCLAIMER I do not get any free products or promotions for saying what I did about Dr Teal’s I just really like their products!*

Okay enough with the advertisement. After all of that i went to bed and woke up feeling allot better, today is a brand new day and so far pain free! 😘 It’s the end of the month so you all know what that means! NO “O” NO-vember is almost over!! But regardless it isn’t to me whether i will get to cum again tomorrow. But being this close to the finish line has me super proud of myself for having made it a whole month with No “O” and lots of edging, oh so much edging! i can only hope that Mo Àrd Rìgh will have mercy on His slut and grant me permission to cum again. ❤️😍

NO-vember 28 days down, 2 to go!

Today was a green day, get high, edge and play all day. Okay, so confession time, weed makes me horny, like uber horny! It’s a natural aphrodisiac for me! Combine that with wine, a good meal and maybe some erotic dancing and your chances of being able to bury your cock or face in my pussy have just increased by like a 100 fold!

Edging like a good slut, gods i love that feeling so SO good!

But just weed and coffee and my pussy stays needy and wet and my clit throbs and twitches, begging to be touched and teased. So naturally i oblige her, but like the good girl i am, i don’t cum because this is NO-vember and i’m SO CLOSE to the finish line! And the build up is OMG! With how horny i am all the time, it doesn’t take long at all to get me to the edge and staying on that edge is a struggle, although i have noticed i can ride the edge allot longer than i could at the beginning of this month.

So close so so close i can almost feel that orgasm got to hold on just a little bit longer. No orgasms just edges wonderful wonderful edges…

And oh my gods it feels SO SO SOOO good to edge and rub and stay horny and needy, but i can’t wait for December 1st either. i’ve missed Mo Àrd Rìgh’s fingers, tongue, cock in my pussy and on my clit. i’ve missed how He has the capability to just command me to cum and i go over the edge. i’ve missed how He can masterfully manipulate my body to come undone again and again. But most of all i’ve missed that part of O/our physical intimacy. It will be wonderful to have that back again soon.

Yes! Yes! Yes! i’m gonna cum on your cock! 😩 i can’t wait for this! 🤤
Yes Daddy pound me til my brain melts! It feels so good in my pussy! 😍💋
i love it when you make me look at you when you make me cum on your cock Mo Àrd Rìgh. Your cock goes on so deep when you fill me from behind. 💋❤️

NO-vember 27

This day started off like any other weekend morning when i don’t have to work. After some gentle kisses and caresses i asked Mo Àrd Rìgh to roll over onto His back and proceed to wrap my lips around His cock.

i slowly gently brought His cock to life and woke Him up as He started to stir He began to play with my pussy pushing me rather quickly to the edge. He held me at the edge as He continued to tease my pussy and clit until i pulled my head up to tell Him i was gonna cum but all i could muster was a moan. He stopped without a word of warning from me about my impending orgasm. He knows my body so well, so He knows exactly how far He can tease and torture before i go over the edge.

He then told me to either climb on Him in 69 position or lay between His legs. i of course opted to start in 69, He told me He would not be licking my pussy but He did tease and caress me a bit more. After a few minutes He told me to lay down between His legs, i put a pillow at the foot of the bed and lay down straddling the pillow and proceeded to suck His cock until He came down my throat while i edged my pussy some more. i was a good girl and i didn’t cum even though i wanted to SOOOO bad!

This was our the day for our Thanksgiving dinner with my father, it went relatively well, so i’m glad both of them got along. We then went to O/our friend’s house and had a piece of her wonderful pumpkin pie! 🤤 It was a perfect ending to a perfect day! 💋❤️