Day 9

Clean clean clean! Today was Uber busy! i deep cleaned O/our kitchen all except for the fridge that will get done Friday on my next day off! (May move the oven and sweep and mop behind it too because, umm yuck! 🤢

i still managed to get both sessions in by bedtime though! Bullet vibe to the rescue! Wednesday it’s back to work and another day! 😘

Day 8

The start of toy week! Yay! This was a fun day because it was coupled with my day off!!! i managed to get both toy sessions in and done before bed and got the bathroom deep cleaned, swept and mopped!

As all of my fellow kinksters know W/we all have O/our favorites when it comes to toy play! For me it’s things that vibrate! And the stronger the vibration the better! Couple that with some restraints and forced orgasms and you’ve got yourself one happy girl!

i started off with my magic wand toy and oh my stars! i’m pretty sure i went cross eyed on that one! The last session was right before bed and i used the bullet vibe. Simple, discreet, yet VERY effective!

Day 1

i got both of my sessions in albeit the first one was rushed because i have to give Sir’s pussy some cool down time between sessions. i thrummed away and was sent over the edge in less than five minutes cumming twice in small little spurts. Not all that exciting but it was done none the less.

The last session of the evening i took my time with. i played with Mo Àrd Rìgh’s pussy and brought myself to a slow buildup riding the edge and backing off a few times before allowing myself to tip over the edge; not wanting it to end too quickly.

When i finally allowed myself to cum, oh cum i did, not once, not twice, but multiple times. Each one more intense than the last, the peak going higher with each orgasm and each flick of my fingers on Mo Àrd Rìgh’s sensitive little clit.

When i finally crested over the peak His pussy started to cum so hard it made me squirt! As i collapsed and fell back in exhaustion, panting from my exertions, i slowly drifted off to sleep while Sir’s pussy hummed and buzzed, dripping wet leaking my cum everywhere.

Last night was tons of fun, i think February is going to be my favorite month ever! Can’t wait to see what happens next? i will post more tomorrow! 💋

New month new rules

This month has been a bit of a reprieve for me due to life and Daddy and i just being super uber busy! Next month though that will not be the case.

Starting February 1st Mo Àrd Rìgh has instructed His slut to masturbate twice per day and bring His pussy to at least one full orgasm per day. The only exceptions being 🦈 week and February 14th (which also happens to be O/our anniversary!)

After a full month of orgasm restriction/control and a month of NOTHING (as i said W/we’ve both been extremely busy and O/our sex life and Lifestyle has taken a back seat); this month is going to be quite the workout for Mo Àrd Rìgh’s pussy!

Sir’s slut is curious to see just what He has in store for her next! Updates to cum as the month progresses! 💋

Day 31

New Year’s Eve came and went without incident and my (mostly) month long orgasm denial went really well! i’m so proud of myself! i went a month without cumming without permission! As someone who was used to unrestricted orgasms let me tell you, THAT was a challenge! But i did it and now it’s over! For at least the next two months because this is my birthday month and next month is O/our anniversary! Although i may ask Mo Àrd Rìgh to put me on a new “No O” restriction in March, depending on how froggy i feel! Yes, i know it is His pussy and it is ultimately up to Him when, if and how long i go on restriction, but if i don’t express any interest, then how will He know i want to try it again? 😉We will see! Until then stay kinky my friends! i will update you all on how my birthday goes Sunday! 💋